📮Updates from the HQ #019

Went live with Cult DAO, revamped our SDK and improved our backend services.

Are DAOs that aren't on-chain really DAOs? 🤔

Hey everyone, hope you're having a great week! 😋

Here's a quick recap of the past three weeks (i.e. from 22 February 2023 to 15 March 2023).

☑️ General Updates

  • Went live with Cult DAO! 🩸
  • Revamped the rep3 SDK 🤑
  • Significantly improved our backend services 🚤
  • Started work on our partnership with Across Protocol 🌉
  • Launched the Russian translation of our community building playbook 📕*

*this is still a WIP -- feel free to contribute here!

🎧 Our jukebox was stuck on:

shipping szn is techno szn 🙏

🔦 Community Spotlight

This is a section where we highlight members of our community. Reach out to @InfiniteGwei#3794 if you wanna be here next time!

This time we’re highlighting @superhobot#9035 again!

Superhobot is the most active member of our community, attending almost every event of late. They are currently on the team that is working on the Russian translation of our playbook, and are a Link3 ambassador (all while attending college for journalism!)

Do support them by checking out link3 and come say hi to them at our next office hours/onboarding call. 😄

..and that's all for this time. Hope you have a great one ahead! 💪

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