📮Updates from the HQ #018

Published v1 of our Community Building Playbook, renovated our blog and started work on expiring badges.

📮Updates from the HQ #018
Yes, we know the vibe. 😬

Hey everyone, hope you're having a great week! 😋

Here's a quick recap of the past three weeks (i.e. from 31 January 2023 to 21 February 2023).

☑️ General Updates

🎧 Our jukebox was stuck on:

@jashan_shetty#6783 with the Fred Again.. recs, as always 😌

🔦 Community Spotlight

This is a section where we highlight members of our community. Reach out to @InfiniteGwei#3794 if you wanna be here next time!

This time we’re highlighting @BaruchBender#0079.

Baruch is the latest rep3 club member to level up and get the contributor role! They are DroppCheck's community founder, and are a major contributor to the Russian translation of our Community Building Playbook.

Checkout their work here, and follow them on Twitter! 😄

..and that's all for this time. Hope you have a great one ahead! 💪

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