📮Updates from the HQ #017

Opened rep3 club to the general public, wrote smart contracts for rep3 v2 and drafted v1 of our community building playbook.

The Office handshake meme.

Hey everyone, hope you've had a great weekend! 😋

Here's a quick recap of the past three weeks (i.e. from 11 January 2023 to 30 January 2023).

☑️ General Updates

  • Opened rep3 club to everyone! ♣️
  • Finished writing smart contracts for rep3 v2 🎬
  • Drafted v1 of our community building playbook 📕
  • Demoed rep3 in BanklessDAO and ICHI Foundation 🤑
  • Made some bug fixes and improvements in our Discord bot 🤖

🎧 Our jukebox was stuck on:

We were sent this one too many times by @jashan_shetty#6783!

🔦 Community Spotlight

This is a section where we highlight members of our community. Reach out to @InfiniteGwei#3794 if you wanna be here next time!

This time we’re highlighting @superhobot#9035.

Superhobot is a Link3 ambassador that loves anime and classic films. They recently translated all our articles into Russian -- check them out and follow them on Twitter. 😄

..and that's all for this time. Hope you have a great one ahead! 💪

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