📮Updates from the HQ #013

Completed seven episodes of Coffee Conversations, hosted our first irl event and started work on rep3 v2.

FTX founder SBF getting arrested.
DAOs need a freeloader leaderboard. What do you think? 🤪

Hey everyone, hope you’ve had a great start to your week! 🌈

Here’s a quick recap of what happened at rep3 this past month and a half (i.e. from 31 October to 18 December).

☑️ General Updates

  • Hosted our first irl event! 🍻
  • Announced rep3 club internally 📢
  • Grew our Twitter by more than 25% 🐦
  • Started work on v2 of the rep3 protocol 🚧
  • Completed 7 episodes of Coffee Conversations! 🖥

🎧 Our jukebox was stuck on:

Lionel Messi finally won his World Cup! This is our soundtrack for the week in celebration. 🥳

🔦Community Spotlight

This is a section where we highlight members of our community and what they'd like to share with everyone. Reach out to @InfiniteGwei#3794 if you wanna be here next time!

This time we’re highlighting @Nithin#8791.

Nithin's an Across Protocol OG, having been there practically from day 0 working on campaigns that brought thousands of users to the platform. Irl, they love to travel and are deciding where to go next. Message them on Twitter if you have any suggestions!

…and that's all for this time. Hope you have a great one ahead! 💪

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